Wednesday, 5 October 2016

Alright, so the next big thing

The "Living Games" idea is a bit of an experiment and I wanted to let things sit on their own for a few weeks while reviewing how it had been received.

The general impressions I have gotten, in no particular order, from feedback, comments, talk online and direct email:

*People like the idea of having a selection of ready-to-play units.

*People like the setting pretty well.

*The mechanics are generally well received, though a few people found them too simple.

*The "living" aspect ironically doesn't seem to have been that big a deal, though people DO appreciate a general trickle of content.

*The historical versions found a few fans but don't seem to have generate a lot of fuss.
Possibly, skirmishing in those era's just isn't that popular.
Ironically, the fantasy rules DID find some interest with historical gamers, which confirms my theory that gamers always want to do the opposite of what the designer intended :-)

*Virtually everybody wants unit-building stuff and a robust option too.

*Having subtle differences between the mechanics for scifi and fantasy makes sense but doesn't seem to be all that popular. The impression I've gotten is that people would prefer a single, consistent rule set for both.

Taking all that in, here's my thoughts:

Take a bit to revamp the rules a little (morale in particular isn't the smoothest thing in the world right now), write a comprehensive unit builder to cover everything from storm giants to tanks (on the same table no less), then rerelease the rules in one cohesive package.

The various existing units will be redone under the new rules and will be "compatible" with custom-made units allowing both to exist on the tabletop just fine.

This will be a generic system allowing you to fit anything from orcs with swords to space marines on the same gaming table, using the familiar and simple game mechanics you already know.

To make it a worthwhile upgrade, it'll also include a more fully featured campaign option, with a "warband/gang" mode of play available, which will be pretty cool I think.
Some rules have this, but it's rare for a generic system.

The intent then is to have this combined package replace the existing systems though the downloads won't be taken down for people who already own them.
I am going to make a much cheaper option for people who already bought the rules to get the new version, so you'll basically just pay the "upgrade" cost if you want all the new content, instead of paying for the core rules all over, if that makes sense.

Hope you're excited about this!
It's been really interesting to try and do something that is directly based on, and responding to, player feedback about the direction of a product, rather than the typical manner of "Designer writes thing, player plays thing" that we usually do.

Friday, 2 September 2016

Blast Pistol 1.10

After a bit of a delay working on other projects, Blast Pistol sees version 1.10

I am fairly happy with the state of the rules currently, so todays update just adds 1 new unit: Lizardman mercenaries.

There's a small selection of lizard figures out there in 15mm, so I wanted to make sure people could utilize those.

They were originally going to be extremely fast, but testing suggested that they be scaled back a bit (pun intended somewhat)

Saturday, 13 August 2016

Big Blast Pistol update

Expansion 1 has met its goals, which means it has been taken down and folded into the core Blast Pistol rules.

If you didn't already have Expansion 1, that means 5 new units, a new mission and 2 new battle conditions that are now core material.

The explosive scatter rule is still marked as optional.

Tuesday, 9 August 2016

Updates this weekend

Updates to both Last Era and Blast Pistol will be delayed until this weekend.

Wednesday, 3 August 2016

Price of a Mile 1.02

For the WW1 gamers, go grab your file again.

Version 1.02 of Price of a Mile amends the grenade rules, to increase the effectiveness of grenade use after mid-1916, reflecting both improved training and the formation of dedicated "bombing squads".

Sniping has been renamed Sharpshooting to better reflect what the action represents.

Sunday, 31 July 2016

Last Era Expansion 5 - Sea Elves!

The Fifth expansion pack for Last Era provides the following features:

Background information on the Sea-Elves.

New rules for using the units in the pack and a new type of demoralizing missile fire available to all armies.

The Storm the beaches mission objective.

Two new battle conditions to test your troops under.

The Sea-Elf army list, providing 3 new warbands and 2 individual figures:

*Sea-Elf Marines are hard-hitting infantry with excellent morale.

*Sea-Elf Raiders are adaptable skirmishers, capable of harassing enemy troops with missile fire.

*The Sea-Elf Vanguard provides closely ranked spearmen, trained to fight in formation.

*To aid your new troops, employ the Sea-Elf Warsinger, a new spellcaster capable of rallying troops or granting extra actions to nearly figures or the Sea-Elf Tactician, a new sergeant-type figure to help reinforce a melee.

As always, Last Era expansion packs are intended to be bite-sized, providing fun new gaming ideas for the cost of a candy bar.

Quick update. Last Era.

The Elven Thorn-Guard warband will not fight alongside Orc and Forsaken troops.

This update will be official in 1.09 but with the new expansion on the way, you may as well bring it in now.

Other units that can potentially include elves are not as discerning. You may theorize about that as you see fit :)