Sunday, 31 July 2016

Last Era Expansion 5 - Sea Elves!

The Fifth expansion pack for Last Era provides the following features:

Background information on the Sea-Elves.

New rules for using the units in the pack and a new type of demoralizing missile fire available to all armies.

The Storm the beaches mission objective.

Two new battle conditions to test your troops under.

The Sea-Elf army list, providing 3 new warbands and 2 individual figures:

*Sea-Elf Marines are hard-hitting infantry with excellent morale.

*Sea-Elf Raiders are adaptable skirmishers, capable of harassing enemy troops with missile fire.

*The Sea-Elf Vanguard provides closely ranked spearmen, trained to fight in formation.

*To aid your new troops, employ the Sea-Elf Warsinger, a new spellcaster capable of rallying troops or granting extra actions to nearly figures or the Sea-Elf Tactician, a new sergeant-type figure to help reinforce a melee.

As always, Last Era expansion packs are intended to be bite-sized, providing fun new gaming ideas for the cost of a candy bar.

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